Elico Corp won Odoo Asia Pacific best partner again!

2018 Odoo Day

      Odoo attaches great importance to the ecological cooperation of partners, customers and the community as a whole. Therefore, the award ceremony became an important part of the flagship symbol of the Odoo conference. The main purpose of the ceremony was to award rewards to the most successful partners and collaborators each year, and thank the community for its important role and contribution in the continuous growth and development of Odoo.

       Odoo partners will be divided into two groups of nominations to compete: the best partners and the best start-ups. This year Odoo nominated 27 partners, and more than 6 contributors nominated two categories: Best Translation and Best Contributor.

Partner nomination follows the following criteria:

  • Odoo licensed users' volume and growth

  • Partner obligations

  • Business model development

  • Customer retention rate

    Famous companies come from Odoo global partners. They have different backgrounds, but they also have surprisingly similar commonalities: business model, flexibility, and openness. These also reflect the brand philosophy that Odoo has always had.

Remarks: The original release of this blog post and October 2018